Visit our specialist brake service centre in Middlesbrough for a full range of brake servicing, repairs and replacement services.

Brakes should always be at their best. If you're concerned by anything - noises, squeaking brakes, pulling to the left or right, or a spongy pedal - there’s one quick solution, give us a quick call!

You’ll be looked after our by our dedicated brake technicians

They’ll carry out a comprehensive inspection to check all the components are working

All brake work is covered by our comprehensive guarantee

It might seem like common sense, but many drivers don’t give the brakes on their vehicles a second thought, even though they are obviously the most important of safety equipment on any vehicle.

The braking system is by its very nature complex and should be checked by an expert every 10,000 miles or at least once a year, and of course, at the start of the winter.

Handy Tips


Be aware when you are driving of how the car feels when you apply the brakes


If the brake pedal feels soft or goes almost to the floor before engaging, the system should be checked. It could mean the brake-fluid level is low or leaking


Shaking or vibration in the pedal or steering wheel may indicate that the brake discs are in need of replacement or resurfacing


Squealing indicates that the pads are wearing thin


Grinding of metal-on-metal can be a sign of serious problems. If this continues you need to replace your brake discs and well as your pads


To check the handbrake is in good working order pull it while you’re on an incline. If it takes more than a few clicks before the car is secure the callipers/drums need to be professionally checked